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Specialized Physical Therapy Services

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Try to treat your injury on your own using the DIY blog. Blog entries are written by licensed physical therapists. If your issue isn't listed, you can request a topic in the forum. Recommended Home Therapy equipment can be found in the therapy store. Additional help can be utilized through additional services listed below.

The Covid epidemic has advanced telemedicine significantly. We now have accurate ways of diagnosing conditions and teaching patients about their condition through the help of electronic devices. We also have a unique way of treating conditions with the help of picture and video software to instruct patients on effective interventions to get patients back to functioning where they like to be

Our experienced physical therapists will evaluate you and treat you from the comfort of your own home. We can help get your mobility back, reduce pain, or strengthen the muscles you need to get back to doing what you love.  We also do evaluations to help you reach your personal goals whether that be weight loss, healthy life style, safety in weight lifting, playing a sport etc.  Our goal is to help you reach yours as safely as possible.   After this appointment, you can choose to continue seeing a PT or get an exercise plan to DIY the treatment. 

AJSTherapy@Work is a comprehensive program of safety services benefiting your employees and improving your bottom line. It also can be a industrial menu for employers to select specific services your company is need of. Our AJSTherapy@work program takes an aggressive approach to rehabilitation treatment; which emphasizes an active role for the injured worker with return to work objectives.  Our program focuses on communication with the employer, physician, and employee to ensure realistic return-to-work goals.  AJ Schuster Therapy LLC will identify and establish transitional duty options.  

Continuing Education Classes for health care providers. Topics include advanced evaluation techniques, treatments, home exercise instruction and marketing strategies to grow business. Classes are held on weekends. Locations and Dates can be arranged prior to order by email at

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