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Does Your Stretching Program Involve Nerve Glides?


Nerve glide exercises

Enhancing range of motion and flexibility encompasses more than mere muscle stretching. Prolonged tightness can lead to the tightening of other bodily structures. Immobility or swelling may cause joint capsules to constrict, hindering movement. Myofascial chains across the body may also become taut. Additionally, nervous tissues can experience restriction, impeding proper gliding throughout the body. Muscles become dysfunctional and uncoordinated in the ranges of motion that are lost and if you are not consistently moving in to these ranges throughout the day the body will revert to its previous state of tightness.

Identifying the specific structures contributing to immobility is crucial for achieving optimal outcomes. If encountering challenges in attaining flexibility goals, consulting a qualified clinician can offer guidance on addressing impairments effectively. Here, I will introduce a quick and easy method to improve nervous system gliding in the sagittal plane that can be performed in the beginning of the day. This will keep you nervous system happy and less likely to become irritated throughout the day with prolonged bending and sitting.

Nerve Glide Example:


Tony Schuster Spring Lake

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