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Top Rated Massagers

These Massage guns have become a staple in treating soft tissue tightness. Working in the clinic, I could spend 5 min loosening up an area with my hands, what this would do in one minute and when you're treating yourself it's a must have. If you have any injury, most likely you are going to have some muscle guarding and this will help with ease your symptoms. Some areas can be sensitive or involve nerve sensitivity, so in these cases use with gentle pressure or turn it sideways so the head is windshield wiping and not jackhammering in to the area.

You can read online reviews of the best massagers online. They have chosen some of the most expensive and popular ones, so they can make a better commission off of them. In my experience, after long use they last just as long as the cheaper ones and a lot of times not as long. In most cases, you could by 3 of the cheaper ones for the price of the ones that are better marketed. A lot of them boast about how much power and speed they have. When you buy it, you only use it on the lowest speed because the higher speeds are too uncomfortable. In my truthful opinion on these, I would buy one in the $50-60 range. I would look for one that has at lease one soft rubber or foam head and then at least 3 other heads.(blunt and wide, smaller head for smaller areas and a Y shape that's good for along the spine). Any other heads are just superfluous and unnecessary. I tend to like the smaller ones because they are more portable and easier to wield. I will give 3 recommendations for massagers that co-workers, family members or I have used that are still working without any issues and have had for over 3 years.

Compact style: Shine Well Mini Massager $60 with 30% off coupon

Standard Length: Toloco Massage Gun $40

Highend Model: Hypervolt Go 2 $129 I do like this one it's quieter and comfortable in the hand, so if you don't mind spending more for one this is a nice model.

If you have questions on these, feel free to email me.

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