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Protect your teeth and decrease tenderness with TMJ stretching and manual therapy of the jaw with the Comfort Stretch Guard. The material used is specifically designed to have the correct amount of support and flexibility to provide the optimal balance of results and patient comfort. Traditional mouthguards lack this balance and wont help to achieve the qualities needed to reach proper comfort and results when stretching. This stretch guard comes with an appliance for the upper and lower teeth designed to disperse the forces equally to all teeth or offload particular areas of irritation. Individuals with jaw issues tend to wear away the enamal of there teeth and cause the teeth to become sharpened and weaker from bruxism. This device will protect the clinician from sharp teeth when stretching and provide protection and comfort to the patient to achieve optimal stretch gains by limiting the guarding of muscles with added tooth pain. Individuals with TMJ dysfuction who may not be able to open as wide also can suffer with many tooth issues. These issue can go untreated due to the fact that the patient can not open wide enough for any type of procedure. This device is a must have to get individuals to open further and stretch comfortably so tooth treatments can take place. The upper and lower are fully customizeable and the lower appliance comes with a molding container to abolish flaws commonly made with the molding process. It also comes with a container to keep your guards protected and sanitary.  

Comfort Stretch Guard

  • Returns accepted in 14 days and must be an opened product. Return shipping costs incurred by the buyer. 

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